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You can find my published work on Amazon, Apple, Barnes noble, smashwords and all other platforms. Search for Sophie Valentine, by Danielle Aimie. There is a 60% free sample on Amazon, so you can see what you're getting. Sophie Valentine is a novel with a story as well as erotica

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I messaged my husband. "He's about to fuck me. Are we still ok to go ahead? I really want to, he's beautiful." I watched Mike's head between my legs as I waited for the reply. I took a photo of the view down my body, over my tits, and to the head between my legs, eagerly licking and sucking at me. I sent the picture to my husband. "Oh wow." he replied to the photo. "I couldn't possibly stop you now. Take more pictures for me." "Come here." I urged Mike. "I want you inside me."

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