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Clover Valentine

Young LGBTQ writer and recent Creative Writing graduate looking to explore the world of Erotica. I've played with themes of Romance, Fantasy and Sci-Fi in my past work but now I want to write more explicit content. Inspired by Kink/Fetish content, LGBTQ+ Erotica and BDSM.

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I glanced down at Amelia as she circled her tongue around my clit, she looked up to make the occasional eye contact. “Like this?” She asked, “yes.” I panted, breathless with pleasure. Suddenly she stopped, moving her head away. I grabbed a handful of her curled auburn hair and tried to pull her closer but her neck was stiff, she resisted. Amelia looked up at me with glistening, mischievous eyes. “Say please.” She instructed. I felt my clit pulsing, I didn’t want to submit but I was desperate.

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