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Chaz Alexander

I have over two dozen books published and I've sold over 1000 books retail. I lived as an MMF 3some for four years. I write MMF, male bi, and cuckold stories. I lived in a poly relationship as an MMF for 4 years. Love to bring your fantasy to life. Chaz

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I smiled, wiped my chin with my hand and moved between Josh’s legs. I grabbed his penis and gave it several quick strokes. He leaned back and pushed his hips toward my face. “Not so fast,” I admonished. “You’re so impatient.” I held his cock up toward his belly which pulled his furry scrotum up from between his thighs. I started as low as I could, down near his perineum, and pulled my tongue up over his testicles until I reached the base of his penis.

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