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Benny Saint

I'm a writer of all sexuality, gender identities and pairings, from erotic romance to very taboo, trashy to classy, for women and men. Stories can be vulgar or not, sweet or dark, very explicit. All kinks including Family encounters, Step Family, breeding, lactation etc. & BDSM.

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I was hesitant, but for only a moment. We had waited so long for this, to be together, and nothing would stop us now. As I kissed back, more tenderly and delicate than his hungry, impatient lips, I slid my left hand down his remarkable form, eager to get right to 'it', finding his trapped cock so hard underneath that faded denim, giving him a slight squeeze and smiling a little as he gasped into my mouth. I squeezed him harder then, giving him just a taste of the pleasures I could grant him...

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