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Bella Cooper

I have a lot of short story experience and have been a professional erotic story teller and writer and have been publishing for several years now. I specialize in Cuckold, Hotwife and Cheating, but I have done most every type of genre and kink imaginable and look forward to more.

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Don’t look at me like that, you’re the one that hired me to watch your kids. You could have driven me home yourself. But you make him do it. What did you think would happen? Part of you loves the idea of him inside me, don’t you? My tight pussy caressing his cock as we make love. Our scent in your minivan. Do you smell it as you drive around to places all day? Do you like the taste of me on his shaft when he gets home? You do, don’t you! So don’t cry, giving him to me is the right thing.

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